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 Not much going on for the weekend

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Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa

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Not much going on for the weekend Empty
PostSubject: Not much going on for the weekend   Not much going on for the weekend EmptySun 26 Oct - 18:16:35

This weekend has been kind of boring, but who really cares when we're 2 ahead on the 3rd night, right? Well wait a minute!

I'm glad that we finally have the private room Jeremy talked of making. But other than that, nothing. Deadpool is starting to get on my nerves, but if he's going to help, I think tonight should be the night we test him, just to see if he'll be committed to the game. If so, we'll test his allegiance next once we go to Tribal, which is going to happen at some point knowing Survivor.

Unlike Deadpool though, I don't see Chris logging back on, so if we lose before he comes back, we can vote him out and use this vote to see what Deadpool is up to, and that's if he even does come back at all. I actually hope he doesn't though. Makes life easier for this queen.
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Not much going on for the weekend
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