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 PM's to be used for Episode 12

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Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa

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PM's to be used for Episode 12 Empty
PostSubject: PM's to be used for Episode 12   PM's to be used for Episode 12 EmptyMon 10 Nov - 15:44:47

Okay, so I'm going to show the PM's you can for Episode 12 material, first with Iggy, then Charlie.
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Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa

Posts : 860
Join date : 2014-10-20

PM's to be used for Episode 12 Empty
PostSubject: Re: PM's to be used for Episode 12   PM's to be used for Episode 12 EmptyMon 10 Nov - 16:49:03

So I ended up deleted some messages carelessly Laughing So I couldn't get all the material down. Both entries, please read from bottom up as this is in reverse chronological order.

This is the one with Iggs.

Iggy Azalea: Thank you!!

Queen Elsa: Alright, I'm gonna step down.

Iggy Azalea: Girl, we need you/me/Jeremy to make it past this round and then we're good. She's made it clear she's not voting for you. So if I win, all you have to do is convince her not to vote Jeremy and then she's voting a member off her tribe which is what we need. If I'm not immune, she might be like let's vote off Iggy and then if I go, she's the swing vote again next round and God only knows what she'll do.

Queen Elsa: As am I lol

Iggy Azalea: Oh okay cool, I just hope we can finish this with enough time to get the votes in so tonight's challenge isn't cancelled. I'm ready for finals already!!

Queen Elsa: I did mention them. lol

That might just work, come to think of it. If Diana thinks that Louis/Charlie have majority with you, that would make getting Jeremy to work with Diana easier.

Iggy Azalea: Yes, I think you mentioned Louis and Larry?

Also since Diana is getting filled in on everything, it might be good that she thinks I'm with Louis/Charlie so that if she votes with you/Jeremy it would tie but I can change my vote causing a 4-2.

Queen Elsa: I think a few people jumped out at me, especially early on.

Iggy Azalea: I usually have one but nobody has really jumped out at me. I do think you were right about Louis though. Other than that, I have no clue about anybody else.

Queen Elsa: I have a guess list actually.

Iggy Azalea: Yeah but that was such a wild guess, I don't think you're him. Arik is easy to spot in mystery games, I always catch him. Maybe you're Kim or Lisbeth is Kim. Idk, like I said I can't wait to find out who everyone is.

Queen Elsa: haha I know Arik is vocal, so I guess I can seem the resemblance.

Iggy Azalea: Lmao @ those guesses. I thought John was Dang at one point. If Harley was in this game, I'd say he'd be maybe Jeremy? I really can't put my finger on you, I'd take a wild guess and say Arik.

Queen Elsa: I think you're John for some reason, though I have also thought you'd be Harley at some point.

Iggy Azalea: Thanks I can't wait to find out who everyone is including you. I still have no clue. Any guesses on who I am?
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Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa

Posts : 860
Join date : 2014-10-20

PM's to be used for Episode 12 Empty
PostSubject: Re: PM's to be used for Episode 12   PM's to be used for Episode 12 EmptyMon 10 Nov - 16:53:36

This was the one with Charlie. Again, I couldn't get the beginning of this conversation, but this is what I could salvage. lol

Queen Elsa: The onl forum where I've seen the pre-juror talk so much was in that HBO game Jimmy hosted.

Charlie Bradbury: they love the forum just that much Laughing

Queen Elsa: Agreed. I don't even buy most active ever Loser's Lounge. lol

Charlie Bradbury: They have to be doing something behind the scenes, maybe even have a whole other separate game running.

Queen Elsa: I've been thinking that since the merge, actually. That would explain how some people who were the early boots still log on.

Charlie Bradbury: God, how many jurors are there? I'm starting to think the whole cast.

Queen Elsa: She said it would start on the 22nd, so I'm guessing she thinks jury will take that long. lol

Charlie Bradbury: That's true, if Kathy hasn't been writing the episodes as she goes this could take months...or never.

Queen Elsa: I think mine's 30 seconds. I can't wait to see the reveals either. It'll be a while before we knew each other though. lol

Charlie Bradbury: I have a whole minute long one. And I can't wait to see who everyone is. Razz

Queen Elsa: I don't think so either, but sure beats IMDb's quota <3

Charlie Bradbury: No Laughing

I'm not sure there is a way.

Queen Elsa: Oh! That! I still don't know how to get around it. I thought you'd meant the new posts. Laughing

Charlie Bradbury: Oh, I thought it was just for new posts. Is it the same for the flood control?

Queen Elsa: Display a notification when new replies are written :
You'll be warned if a reply was posted while you where writing a reply to the same topic

I learned it a few ages ago when I hosted a game like this one.

Charlie Bradbury: How's it worded? I don't see it.

Queen Elsa: I actually have it turned off. Go to Preferences and it can be edited there.

Charlie Bradbury: I wouldn't expect you to, and I wouldn't either. I could have got more if I knew how to turn off the thing where it stops you from posting for 10 seconds.

Queen Elsa: Not sure. The night Jack went, I actually did the challenge for fun and ended up posting more than he did, so know that if we have to go into tiebreaker against each other, I won't be holding back.

Charlie Bradbury: I wonder if I would have won if he had, I got to like 70 posts.

Queen Elsa: lol Sorry about the tiebreaker. I didn't mean to send you into that. Laughing I did know to use that Idol I had though at that point because I knew if I hadn't used it, I would have been gone.

Charlie Bradbury: I'm so grateful too, I thought I was done when Larry and I had to do a tiebreaker challenge...but then he didn't even try.

Queen Elsa: We all do wish some other people were here instead, but at the same time, I'm grateful to have even gotten as far as I have now and that's what I set my like, as well as having fun.

Charlie Bradbury: Yeah, I loved my side, though I wish some other people were here instead.

Queen Elsa: Ah, okay. That was actually how Sabrina ended up being the target at the merge. We knew once Diana left that she was solid with you guys.

Charlie Bradbury: I would have liked to keep her looking back now, but she didn't really talk to anyone except for trying to help in immunity. Dang offered themselves as a vote so they looked like they would be good for an extra vote, but they also tried to throw me under the bus super fast so they weren't actually worth it. Sabrina was in the majority 4 and I wish she had stayed longer, she was super sweet and wanted us to f2.

Queen Elsa: I'm not going to lie, we were all shocked when Diana left. We were all thinking it was going to be Sabrina. Laughing

Charlie Bradbury: We had a weird situation where it was mostly actives, like 7 out of 8 people showed up to help for the first challenge which is great. But we still somehow lost all the time Laughing And yeah, we didn't find out she was doing that until after everyone voted, so I said that we'll do her next time, but she switched tribes. I wish looking back we had kept Diana that round since she probably would have been more loyal and she did try hard in challenges.

Queen Elsa: Wow! I never knew that! But I know what it's like to be beneficial for the tribe and then being campaigned against since I've have that happened in other games, so I would agree there that we all need alliances to stay. I only lucked out this time because the tribe I was in had 3 inactives. Deadpool did come back for all of 2 seconds until disappearing off the face of the Earth again and Amy, well, she would log on but wouldn't help with the challenges.

Charlie Bradbury: Dang was actually trying to campaign against me that round, she said I was playing everyone...which in their definition apparently means forming and voting with an active majority? That's called making sure you have an alliance to stay.

Queen Elsa: Oh, that's interesting. So it was, in that sense, the same as when I got a vote to leave the night Chris went. I always thought Dang was sent to be in a tribe with me because he had an Idol and that no one voted against you.

Charlie Bradbury: Yeah, I feel like you've earned an extra vote now in Diana. I voted her out over Dang since Dang said they'd vote however we wanted, but then the very next round they switched tribes and that TC they voted me. So obviously they weren't actually that loyal.

Queen Elsa: Sounds good. Smile I'll do the same if I can't keep you. I think I can get Jeremy to vote Louis at least and see how that goes.

Charlie Bradbury: Yes, of course I will tell you. If you lose, I feel like they may try to target you over Jeremy for being more visible. But I could use the argument that Jeremy didn't even show up for the challenge, so should he really go further than Elsa who tried for hours?

Queen Elsa: Thanks Charlie. Smile If a time comes when we do have to vote each other, shall we agree not to blindside each other and be honest with each other? If what I imagine is true, at least one of us will be a finalist, and I think if we can finish the game on high note, even if that means one of us goes home before this is all said and done, it would give us some great respect for each other.

Charlie Bradbury: Yeah, us and Lisbeth and Jeremy would have been pretty unstoppable. And that's an interesting tidbit. I could try to get them to not vote for you this round too.
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PM's to be used for Episode 12 Empty
PostSubject: Re: PM's to be used for Episode 12   PM's to be used for Episode 12 Empty

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PM's to be used for Episode 12
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