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 I know I'm popping these out like Zubats in Mt. Moon, but I don't care. I love it!

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Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa

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I know I'm popping these out like Zubats in Mt. Moon, but I don't care.  I love it! Empty
PostSubject: I know I'm popping these out like Zubats in Mt. Moon, but I don't care. I love it!   I know I'm popping these out like Zubats in Mt. Moon, but I don't care.  I love it! EmptyThu 23 Oct - 9:29:14

So about an hour after that little sass match with that plastic doll Sharpay who think she is a princess but is really just a pretentious loser who can't even recognize royalty even though it's slapped her across the face, turns out that apparently her own tribe doesn't care for that plastic slut either, according to this:

Quote :
Sharpay Evans

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PostSubject: Re: Immunity #1 (Tribe Zarkana VS Varekai)   Today at 1:33:30 Select/Unselect multi-quote Reply with quote
Princess Diana wrote:
Did Sharpay mention she would not be able to take part in this challenge?

Charlie Bradbury wrote:
I don't think so.

Dang Thu Mai wrote:
She's hasn't been on tonight.

Larry Harvey wrote:
Yea we will get rid of dead weight and come back stronger tomorrow. They probably have more inactives on their team too.

I KNOW WHO IS BEING VOTED OUT!!! Like Im sorry yall couldnt figure out the words to Shakespeare's most popular saying after being given the play and page number of the quote. Im too good for you idiots anyways. Besides I got better stuff to do.

So let me get this straight?  Sharpay, who has been more active than 3 of my own tribe members, is getting voted out.  lol! That is priceless!  ROFL  Was the other tribe dumb enough to post that in their tribe area or did somebody out of those 4 just tell her she was being voted out?  If it was the former, then it might actually be good for Diana, Charlie, Dang, and Larry because it might give them cover, but that's a moot point since the latter's probably true.

If THAT'S the case, then my theory is this: Diana, Charlie, Dang, and Larry have already established themselves as the main alliance on the other tribe and one of those just outed their own alliance.  Because of this, it will be up to the other 3 members (Louis, Jason, and Sabrina) of that tribe to figure out if they want to make the other 4 disperse and use that to their advantage or just act like it never happened because they are outnumbered anyway.

Now, I will say this: Sharpay did have a point with Shakespeare's popular saying because I knew what that was and had Kathy not already been scoring, I would have told Iggy to write "To Be or Not To Be" down because it was obvious as balls once you get down to it.  In fact, had we had like 2 minutes, I would have told Iggy to write that down, and if I didn't already get #2, another easy one, I would have wrote that exact saying down for #5.  Of course, the rest of my tribe, and by that I mean Jeremy and Jack, were sure #2 was Shakespeare when I knew perfectly well it was from the show Grimm if you can remember your alphabet.  It kind of annoyed me that they didn't figure out sooner than I did that the 2 clues didn't correlate to the number of the codes.  Something about that makes me think that even if I can come up with obvious correct answers in the future, my tribe will continue to be obnoxious with the challenge and it will annoy me to no end.

Speaking of Iggy, she asked me for an alliance while I was asleep.  I decided I would, but I want to make sure Iggy is actually a viable choice before including her in any group.  I already have an alliance with Lisbeth and Jeremy, and if those are her allies, then I believe working with Iggy will work for me in the long run.  However, if she has other allies within the tribe, then I'd have to look elsewhere.  But what good would that do her anywho?  Amy is inconsistent in terms of activity, Chris and Deadpool are just inactive, so that would only leave her with Jack, but I haven't talked to Jack at all whereas I'm closer to Lisbeth than anyone else on my tribe.  Granted, that isn't saying much, but if I had to choose between Iggy/Jack and Jeremy/Lisbeth, right now I'd choose Jeremy/Lisbeth.

Back to the other tribe, thanks to the mess that Sharpay made exposing what the other tribe was talking about, I have a feeling Varekai will topple over on its face.  When that happens, I will be laughing so hysterically I might even choke on my own popcorn.  It's not like my tribe's the best either.  In fact, I still don't like my tribe too much because I basically have 3 inactives, but at least the few members of my tribe that are active, myself included, are at least calm and nobody seems to hate anybody.  The other tribe?  LOL

But I shouldn't get myself carried away.  I've been in a Survivor where my tribe won the first 3 challenges and then lost all the way to the merge and I was down 7-3.  Granted, I did manage to get 3rd because that other tribe imploded post-merge and I was forced to choose between 2 great people who kept me all this time from the beginning of the game, but that I'm making with this reference is that who's to say that this first challenge is actually any indicator my tribe will actually be the stronger tribe?  It could very well come to pass that we end up losing out to the merge and be in this kind of situation again, but this time, it won't be like that Survivor.  I would expect to be doomed right off the bat at merge because Dang and Charlie have probably compared notes about me and would use that just as we merge should we lose out.  I feel if we can win 2 or 3 more challenges though that it shouldn't be much of an issue as long as I don't randomly get Idoled out.

So for now, I should make sure I'm in a good place on my tribe and win those 2 or 3 more challenges for the tribe.
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Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa

Posts : 860
Join date : 2014-10-20

I know I'm popping these out like Zubats in Mt. Moon, but I don't care.  I love it! Empty
PostSubject: Re: I know I'm popping these out like Zubats in Mt. Moon, but I don't care. I love it!   I know I'm popping these out like Zubats in Mt. Moon, but I don't care.  I love it! EmptyThu 23 Oct - 15:46:53

So after some thought and talk, I might be able to get a game plan down for the future.  So far, I already have it in Iggy’s and Jeremy’s ears for them to work together and become a group of 4 with me and Lisbeth.  If we need a fifth, we’ll ask Jack.

But the main thing, and the secret thing, that I’ve been thinking about is if I should make an attempt to reach out to the other tribe, and by that, I mean one of the 3 that plastic slut didn’t mention in what looked like her goodbye rant.  Those would be Louis, Sabrina, and Jason, but I would just need to talk with 1 of them and see how things are at their camp.  If Jason is who I think he is, I don’t think it would be wise to communicate with him at all because he’ll just rat me out.  Louis didn’t mention one bit about Jason though, so I don’t think Louis is a wise choice either, and it would be kind of annoying.  So if I’m going to see situations at the other camp, I’ll have to talk to the witch if she doesn’t get voted out too soon.  Sabrina doesn’t seem to give suspicious vibes, but I can maybe use her to see who is on the outs because I do believe that she is one on the outs, or, at best, a fifth wheel.  I’d still have to tread carefully if I were to do this though.  I’m not a pro at this, so I’d expect it to backfire.  But it’s just my suspicions talking at this moment.

At my tribe, we’re planning to sit out Deadpool, anticipating that he won’t come at all.  To be honest, he’s likely going home first once we lose a challenge.  We don’t want to lose tonight though.  Like I said, it would be best to get a few more challenge wins first.  However, this will seem odd, but I don’t want to sweep the OT either because it’ll be easier for a tribe being up 8-1, 7-2, or 7-3 to break apart than it would, say, a 6-4 or an even five because cracks would easily form if we merged losing less than 2 challenges because we’d be ill-tested come the merge.  That aside, I do NOT want to be in numbers come the merge.  Like I said, 6-4 does not crack quite so easily, and being down 7-3 or worse means I’d have to depend on someone on the outs to help me out.

I guess that’s another reason I thought about Sabrina.  If she truly is on the outs, I can have an in if I happen to be down at the merge.  Like I said though: this does not come without risk.  But if I have to do a last resort, I do guess this will be a way to bring my flint closer to the fire.
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I know I'm popping these out like Zubats in Mt. Moon, but I don't care. I love it!
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