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 Not so bad as I thought

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Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa

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Not so bad as I thought Empty
PostSubject: Not so bad as I thought   Not so bad as I thought EmptyWed 22 Oct - 23:38:45

So initially I wasn't too pleased when I got my new tribe, but I'm already beginning to adapt pretty well. I established myself with Lisbeth and Jeremy before the challenge because, to be fair, we seem to be the best 3 out there. Actually, I'm kind of glad not to have been stuck with Dang.

At first, our tribe didn't seem too active. Amy doesn't seem to care about the game enough to be there for the challenge, and Chris and especially Deadpool didn't even log on at all. It's likely they didn't even know the game started. At least Jack and Iggy showed up, though Iggy didn't really help much at all. Thankfully, despite all the other tribe's characters being active, we won the challenge. <3 Granted, Deadpool would have been an easy vote out, and likely the Marxist too, but better to win early in case I make merge so that this tribe isn't low on numbers and we get voted out one by one. Besides, they can be voted out later once we lose a challenge.

Now for the twist, interesting stuff. I might try it sometime.
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Not so bad as I thought
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