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 Let's Play Some Catch Up

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Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa

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Let's Play Some Catch Up Empty
PostSubject: Let's Play Some Catch Up   Let's Play Some Catch Up EmptyWed 29 Oct - 20:54:52

I've been kind of behind, but let's start from the top, and by "from the top", I mean starting just before 9 last night.

I called that swap happening. I knew something was up when our old tribe was 3-1 in challenges, when we weren't asked to sit anyone out, but I knew it was going to happen once I saw when we didn't even have an HII puzzle and Lana said we would find out why that was.

As far as the challenge went, I managed to get 6 points. I thought it would be low enough to win and I'd get to put a plan I had into action, but obviously I didn't, and how 2 people can beat 6 points is astounding if you think about it. I sure thought I'd be one of the 2 who'd get the win, but nope!

The plan I had was simple, not too original, but at the same time, smart. I didn't want to put all my allies in one tribe with me, so what I wanted to do is have Jack go on the OT with Amy and Deadpool and then me, Lis, Jeremy, and Iggy would throw and vote out the 2 OT members I would have had be on my new tribe. The choices I would made would be to have Lis and Jeremy be the very top of my list, Sabrina and Charlie as the Top 2 on the OT after Iggy, then Jack, Larry, Dang, Louis, and the 2 inactives I had to deal with.

Now, I was shocked to see Diana get voted out. What on Planet Earth would possess them to vote her out, besides overplaying the game? This makes me question their mentality, intelligence and/or sanity. It wasn't like those buffoons were intelligent to begin with. What Diana getting voted out does show thought is that Sabrina was able to get in a good position on her tribe, so all thoughts I had about her are out the window. That or she had an Idol used on her.

What happened at the end of it all does worry me. It seems Dang won the challenge and placed himself in a tribe with the five of us. The rest of us might be celebrating, but no one in their right mind would do that kind of thing unless the person in question has an Idol, and we've had enough puzzles that someone could have already made off with one. If he indeed has one and we go to Tribal, there's no doubt he will use it, and if so, guess who goes home? It would either be Lisbeth or myself. Lisbeth because I've heard she was a big target on the other tribe, but me because I not only have the most posts out of anyone on the forum, but also because I'm the only one of the five I'm in to have already gotten a vote to be out of the game, and I worry that whoever voted me those few nights ago could be in league with Dang, and I'm going to bet that it's Jack, and if not him, Iggy.
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Let's Play Some Catch Up
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